As Toyshaven’s martial arts star, Tedi has become a role model for the young and a source of pride for the old.  He spends countless hours training and coaching his peers when Lucius is suspiciously nowhere to be found.  Before Tedi joined the team, the town had no hope of competing with any honor at all.  Lucius always seemed to have more than just martial arts on his mind, and often deprived his students of the intense training that they needed to be true competitors.  Soon after Tedi joined the dojo, both the townspeople and the students noticed a change in their performance almost immediately.  This change began to inspire people and give Toyshaven a sense of communal pride that they had lost some time ago.

When he’s not in the gym, Tedi earns extra money at Herbabear, the dojo-owned herbal health store, where he works as the head clerk.  The store is where Tedi comes in contact with most of the townspeople, since dojo life takes up most of his time.  There he is able to catch up on the gossip around the town, and help the ill.  At the end of his long days Tedi retires to his room in the dojo dormitory which he shares with his fellow fighter Sock.  Tedi’s life is pretty routine for now, but is he ready for the events that are to unfold?  Time will tell.