Rebecca is eloquent, disciplined, and well respected within the martial arts community.  As a veteran and champion of some of the fiercest matches in history, Rebecca now the Fursvalley sensei, has the experience and know how to achieve yet another victory against Toyshaven.  After all, as a former Toyshaven champion, she knows how they train, think, and meditate.  But most importantly, Rebecca knows the limitations of Lucius, Toyshaven’s sensei, and Rebecca’s prior teammate.

When Rebecca is not in the gym, she spends great time with her collection of relics that she keeps in the dojo showroom.  More than just often, she cleans the pieces, taking great care in documenting the importance and history of each and every piece.  They are not just morsels of the communal past, but of her personal past as well.  Most of Rebecca’s collection are heirloom pieces given to her from her father.  Now only alive in her memories, Rebecca’s father always taught her the importance of keeping such objects.  He told her that they were the key to one’s past and future.  Aside from the tournament approaching, Rebecca is concentrated on her latest relic, which is as mysterious as it is beautiful.  She will find great pleasure in searching for it’s meaning.