Lucius is an elderly tattered teddy bear, and sensei of Toyshaven’s beloved dojo.  No one knows too much about his past, and no one ever dares to ask.  When Lucius is not pushing his fighters to their physical and emotional limit on the mats, he often spends hours alone in his quarters.  He lives in a small, dank apartment on the more desolate part of the dojo.  Lucius hasn’t had anyone over to his home in years, however it is rumored that his apartment is decorated with many gadgets and inventions forged by his own hand.  Some of the older residents of Toyshaven claim that Lucius had always spent just a little too much time on these gadgets for their creation to just be a hobby.  They claim that Lucius was creating these devices for a very specific function.

When he’s not working on an invention, much of Lucius’ time is spent in his big easy chair flipping through old dusty books that no one has ever heard of.  Out of all the books that he has however, he seems to favor one the most—one about a great Toy Factory.  Legend has it that there is a factory where all toys originated from– a factory of great power.  Was the legend true?  Lucius just had to find out for himself. He has to find the relics—they would show him all that he needed to know.  They are the key and source of the power that he deserved all along.  After all these years, Lucius would be the best. He had finally invented the necessary tools to get him to the factory and to the victory he felt he was entitled to from the beginning.