Lolli is a cute little rag doll lamb, but don’t let her looks fool you. She’d sooner pick a fight over being pleasant. She firmly believes that just because she was made cute doesn’t mean the she must act cute. All the other toys simply accept what they are and live their lives accordingly, but not her. She is more than what she appears. She is a fighter and she will prove it.

This little doll spends most of her time looking for a worthy opponent. Someone that will be a challenge to her deadly skills, her lethal lollipops and jump rope. One night as she was searching, an old one-eyed teddy bear approaches her from an ally. He tells her of someone that could be the opponent of a lifetime. He tells her of Tedi. Lolli sets off to find her new foe only to find out that her real foe is that old bear. He tried to trick her into taking out Tedi. Determined to know what all this is about, she teams up with Tedi. Eventually she comes to realize that old bear was Lucius.